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Camping, horse riding and stargazing, what a joyful summer vacation in Qishan Grassland


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Qishan Grassland


Tourists in Qishan Grassland

Green grass, blue sky, riding a horse to go few rounds, this is not Mount Xiannv, but Qishan Grassland, Qingshui Tujia Town, Yunyang County. Recently, the “Celebrities’ Journey in Longgong” event was held at Qishan Grassland, with photography enthusiasts and internet celebrities taking pictures of enthralling landscape of Qishan Grassland. This scenic area has all kinds of landscapes, including mountains, flowers, forests, rivers, caves, gorges, pits and fractures, which is not only a good place to take nice photos, but also ideal to help you stay further away from the city and closer to nature.

Chongqing - Fuling - Lichuan - Yunyang Longgang · Qishan Grassland

About 5 hours’ drive

Chongqing - Changshou - Wanzhou - Yunyang Longgang · Qishan Grassland

About 5 hours’ drive

Chongqing - Wanzhou or Lichuan (by train) – (by bus) Yunyang Longgang · Qishan Grassland

A good place to escape from the summer heat, the temperature here in summer time is only 25℃

On the way to the village, a kilometer or two away, you can see sunflowers on the both sides of the road, and there are roadside signs indicating the “Best Sunflower Viewing Point” and “Sunflower Seedling Breeding Site”. If you go there now, you will miss the best time to enjoy sunflowers, but you can still go to the sunflower field, pick a few sunflowers and try the freshest melon seeds by yourself.

After eating the melon seeds, you can go to the grassland to walk the horses. After a 10-minute walk from Qishan Village, you can reach Qishan Grassland, which is not only used for grazing, but also has a horse farm for visitors to walk horses. For just a few yuan, you can ride on a horse and go few rounds. Some horses raised in Qishan Grassland are docile and some are unruly, you can always find a suitable horse for your joyful riding experience.

Qishan Grassland is about 8 km away from the core of Longgang Scenic Area, and it only takes 10 minutes to drive there. The Area covers about 12.5 km2 of land, with the altitude between 1000 m to 1650 m and temperature at 25℃ in summer, where there are large swathe of state-owned virgin forest and more than 20,000 negative oxygen ions per m3 of air. The Qishan Grassland sits in a good location and is blessed with abundant natural resources, and in summer, there are lush mountains, sea of clouds, expansive green fields and large flocks of sheep, making it an ideal place for people to have wonderful vacation and sightseeing experience.

Camping, horse riding and stargazing, what a joyful stay in Qishan Grassland

When the group of visitors, including reporters, drove to Qishan Grassland, it was already late in the evening. The Grassland at sunset had a unique flavor: watch the golden meadow under the sunset; feel the comfort of the evening breeze blowing on your face; take a deep breath and you have your lungs filled up with sweet smell of grass ...... there were many people driving their cars to camp here, who opened the sunroof and sang loudly, waving the silk scarf in their hands and calling friends along the way ......

On the grassland, some people were lying down and listening to the wind, some families were playing chasing game, and some brought their own pots and pans and cooked up a small hot pot. The camping base was full of tents, with adults having barbecues, drinking beer and playing drinking games; and children lying next to the tent with a lamp in their hands for their grandmothers’ stories or waiting for the nightfall to count the stars in the sky.

“Because it is summer, many people choose to camp on the grassland, we not only provide camping sites, but also tents. It is excellent to sing, dance and eat barbecue together here at night.” Qin Wen’an, utive Deputy Director of Management Committee of Longgang Tourism Park, told reporters that there were varieties of entertainment facilities in Qishan Grassland, such as forest labyrinth, shooting range, horse-running range, campground and tennis court ...... “in Qishan Grassland, you can experience the freshness and tranquility of the nature and engage exhilarating recreational activities.”

Cloud Corridor Bridge with panoramic views, for both entertainment and sightseeing

“Qishan Grassland is located in the Longgang Scenic Area, surrounded by karst wonders such as Stalagmite River and Luohan Peak, and other attractions for visitors.” Qin Wen’an said that the Longgang Cliff was high and straight, covered with vines and dotted with wildflowers. The Celebrities walked on its edge, and must have had the thrill and excitement along the way, reminding them of the never-ending pursuit of life and exposing them to the magnificence and exquisiteness of the nature.

On May 1 this year, Longgang Scenic Area opened 5 important attractions: Cloud Corridor Bridge, Clearwater Lake, Stalagmite River, Road of Love and Plank Road, out of which the Corridor Bridge attracts a lot of tourists. “The Cloud Corridor Bridge is built on a cliff of 1010 m in altitude and 718 m in vertical height, whose cantilever is 26.68 m long, even 5 m longer than that of Grand Canyon Skywalk of the United States. The three-layer laminated transparent ultra-white glass is used for the bridge deck and guardrail, giving visitors a 720-degree panoramic view of Longgang’s beautiful landscape. And its main structure can withstand the earthquake at Magnitude 8 and the typhoon of Category 14.” Qin Wen’an told reporters. After the bridge becomes available to public, people flock here to take the challenge: walking on the Bridge. There are averagely 3,000 tourists each day visiting Longgang Scenic Area and over 10,000 during the weekend, with one weekend receiving even over 20,000.

Taste wild vegetables, wild fruits and spotted silver carp in Yunyang Agritainment

Qingshui Town, where Qishan Grassland is located, is the only Tujia Town in Yunyang County and characterized by the ancient folk customs and colorful ethnic culture such as offering white tiger, living in the stilted building, drinking oil tea soup, singing Tujia mountain songs and hand-waving dance etc. The visitors, including reporters, ate local home-cooked dishes in agritainment: chicken stewed with mushrooms, fried bacon with sheet jelly and stewed pig’s feet with potatoes etc., all made by local farmers with their own clay stoves. The Celebrities also spoke highly of the cold dishes with commonly seen wild vegetables such as bearded lotus, wild celery and bamboo grass etc. Local residents said that we could also try the wild fruits on the mountain, the common ones are wild pears and wild grapes, but not too much.

In addition to the dishes made with locally grown vegetables, you can also try some with special flavors. “A must-eat for anyone visiting Longgang is spotted silver carp.” Wang Mang, head of the Longjian Publicity and Marketing Section, told reporters that the fish dish, a Longgang specialty, was made of bacon and spotted silver carp, tasting smooth and tender. The bacon is made by farmers themselves, featuring a perfect mixture of fatty and lean parts and fragrant bones.  

There have already been over 30 agritainment near Qishan Grassland Scenic Area. “all the agritainments are built in Tujia style,” said Wang Meng, besides, there is special wooden house hotel built within the grassland, a cozy choice for tourists, and if you prefer to have a close encounter with nature, then the large swathe of the grassland is ideal for camping, where visitors can happily expose themselves to the pastoral meadow and the expansive sky.