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The Youth Herb Ranch of Mount Qiyao

In early 1966, the People’s Committee of Yunyang County built the Youth Herb Ranch in Mount Qiyao, which was the first of its kind built by Zhiqing (the educated urban youth). The 132 Zhiqing from Yunyang Chengguan town, Yun’an town and Nanxi town came here and started to work collectively, such as logging, cultivating land, raising seedlings, growing herbs and grazing livestock. It is the only visiting site among the 5A scenic spots in China, which features the history of Zhiqing. There are the Ranch Headquarters, the Old House of Zhiqing, the Pond of Zhiqing, the Court, the Fir Forest and the Pine Forest planted by Zhiqing, the Path of Herbs and the Yunyang Zhiqing Showroom. It is a must-see place for tourists.