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Treetops Adventure

The over-10-year-old treetops adventure program is originated in the dense rainforests of Costa Rica, where local adventurous biologists designed the platforms built on treetops and connected with cables in order to gain the access to the inaccessible ecosystem. In foreign countries, it is called “treetops theme park”, “treetops adventure park”, “forest adventure park”, “flying through the jungle”, “adventure tree” and “happy monkey” etc. In Europe and the United States, leisure adventure activities have gradually become a new fashion sport. The adventure route is 3 to 4 m above the ground and about 240 m long, where there are multiple obstacles along the way, such as seesaw, wall and zip line etc., and as you go, each obstacle becomes more difficult to pass. It is necessary to climb, slide, swim, straddle, jump and fly to pass all obstacles to reach the end. The Adventure is full of outdoor adventure elements such as height, speed, strength and perseverance etc. and brings joy to the adventurers.