Qishan Grassland Scenic Area is a meadow land at an altitude of above 1,500 m and located in Mount Qiyue where Lichuan, Hubei Province and Wanzhou District and Yunyang County of Chongqing meet. It covers more than 6.67 km2 of land and consists of scenic spots with different characteristics, such as Zhiqing Forest, Fir Forest, Pine Forest, Grassland, Grass Skiing Field, Snow Ski Resort, Geological Relics, Campground, Barbecue Field, Leisure Cabins, Hotel, Fishing Boat B&B and Grassland Resort etc., as well as thrilling entertainment programs, such as Jungle Leap, Paintball, Forest Off-road Programs, Horse riding, Grass Skiing and Snow Skiing etc.

Here visitors can watch and study various geological relics, such as clints, peaks, funnels, shafts, water caves and fracture ditches etc.; enjoy the nature with blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, grassland and high concentration of negative oxygen ions; stay away from the hustle and bustle and submerge in this picturesque landscape; experience grass skiing, snow skiing and horse riding; walk on the grassland, with close encounter to windmills and chirping birds; look far into the sky, watching clouds sinking, gathering and scattering.


Qishan Grassland Scenic Area features alpine and forest landscape, Zhiqing (the educated urban youth) culture and Tujia folk culture, and serves as a good place for vacation, leisure and sightseeing activities, which has geological relics site such as Restless Golden Boars Clints, the Zhiqing cultural attractions such as Old House of Zhiqing, Zhiqing Forest and Path of Herbs etc., and the outdoor programs such as grass skiing, snow skiing, horse riding and camping etc., making it an ideal tourist resort for watching flowers in spring, enjoying the coolness in summer, tasting fruits in autumn and playing snow in winter.