Here visitors can watch and study various geological relics, such as clints, peaks, funnels, shafts, water caves and fracture ditches etc.; enjoy the nature with blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, grassland and high concentration of negative oxygen ions; stay away from the hustle and bustle and submerge in this picturesque landscape; experience grass skiing, snow skiing and horse riding; walk on the grassland, with close encounter to windmills and chirping birds; look far into the sky, watching clouds sinking, gathering and scattering.

Come to Qishan Grassland to have a memorable vacation experience in a stunningly beautiful natural environment.

Zhiqing Forest

The Zhiqing Forest features the fir and pine trees planted by Zhiqing (the educated urban youth) who moved into the Herb Ranch of Mount Qiyao in 1966. It is not only a place with good vegetation, fresh air and beautiful environment, but also a place reflects the original aspiration, self-confidence, spirit and elegance of these urban youth back then, and evokes our thoughts on that part of the history and life, as well as our reverence and gratitude to nature.

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Old House of Zhiqing

This relatively well-preserved two-story brick house was the dormitory for girls at the Herb Ranch of Mount Qiyao back then, and is still called the Old House of Zhiqing (educated urban youth). The three rooms at the first floor have been used as the showroom, presenting the works and life of Zhiqing across China during that special era, which is still valuable for us to remember and reflect.

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Path of Herbs

The Path was originally blazed by Zhiqing (the educated urban youth) back in those times and served as the only way to reach and leave the Herb Ranch every day. On this trail we can often see small animals and rare birds looking for food, wild herbs growing in all seasons, various mushrooms and rare species of orchids and cuckoos. There is no reason not to enjoy such a rare natural treasure.

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Double Dragon Spring

This is the only spring which originates from the top of the mountain with Karst landscape and flows uninterruptedly for years, making it a wonder. The spring incorporates two different outflows coming out of clint and then merging into one stream. It is said to be the tears of the two dragons that were trapped in the Mount Qiyao after being pinned down by the Mount Twin Dragon, and is commonly known as the Double Dragon Spring.

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Sea Watching Gate

It is the best place to watch the sea of clouds at the Grassland, which is thus commonly called Sea Watching Gate. Here we can watch a thousand different cloud scenes during the morning and evening hours, making it a rare spot to enjoy the climate landscape.

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Red Heart Forest

This vibrant fir forest is the iconic landscape of the Qishan Grassland. It was planted by Zhiqing (the educated urban youth) themselves half a century ago to express their original aspiration and passion of “always embracing the Party with a red heart”, so people call it the Red Heart Forest. In this Forest, there are joyful birdsong, cool breeze, green shade, tranquil environment and fresh air.

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Enjoy flowers in spring, coolness in summer, fruits in autumn and snow in winter, and come to enjoy the beauty of the Qishan Grassland and have a thrilling experience. More activities
Grass Skiing Field

There are 6 slides in the Field, including 2 double slides and 4 single slides, with a total length of 150 m and a maximum slope of 30 degrees, where visitors can ride a skiing board – also known as slider - to slide from top to bottom, feeling the excitement of fast sliding and enjoying the unrestrained joy during the process.

Snow Ski Resort

Longgang Snow Ski Resort was officially opened on January 1, 2018, and will be built with core ski area, playground, leisure and sightseeing area, service area and infrastructure area, with the first construction phase covering an area of 60,000 m2.


The Paintball Program of Qishan Grassland Scenic Area is an outdoor military simulation game set for the military fans and outdoor sports enthusiasts, who use simulation class game tactical launcher (BB gun, water bomb, paintball, laser and other types of confrontation projectile launcher equipment) and wear tactical equipment and various styles of military uniforms and protective gear to do the simulated combat training.

Treetops Adventure

The over-10-year-old treetops adventure program is originated in the dense rainforests of Costa Rica, where local adventurous biologists designed the platforms built on treetops and connected with cables in order to gain the access to the inaccessible ecosystem. In foreign countries, it is called “treetops theme park”, “treetops adventure park”, “forest adventure park”, “flying through the jungle”, “adventure tree” and “happy monkey” etc. In Europe and the United States, leisure adventure activities have gradually become a new fashion sport. The adventure route is 3 to 4 m above the ground and about 240 m long, where there are multiple obstacles along the way, such as seesaw, wall and zip line etc., and as you go, each obstacle becomes more difficult to pass. It is necessary to climb, slide, swim, straddle, jump and fly to pass all obstacles to reach the end. The Adventure is full of outdoor adventure elements such as height, speed, strength and perseverance etc. and brings joy to the adventurers.

Jungle Speeder

The Jungle Speeder has other names such as Jungle Shuttle or Atomic Flyer etc., evolves from the ziptreck project, and brings breathtaking riding experience with the glider which shoots through jungle on a rail built in the air, and in some foreign scenic spots, Jungle Speeder is often a must-play item for tourists.

Forest Off-road Driving

The Forest Off-road Driving Field covers 8,000 m2 of land and has a 500-meter-long and 4-meter-wide track. This sport is a special event of motor sports and provides thrilling driving experience, which is not only one of the auto field competition events, but also a popular choice for leisure, fitness and entertainment purposes.

Parent-child Paradise

The 3,000 m2 Parent-child Paradise of Qishan Grassland is designed to satisfy children’s need to do the squeezing through, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging and jumping etc., and serves as a multi-purposed children’s center for amusement, sports, education and fitness.

Grassland Camping

The campground of Qishan Grassland Scenic Area is at an altitude of between 1400 m -1650 m and covers an area of 5000mu (3.33 km2). In spring and autumn, there are bright colored flowers everywhere, making it a place that could only exist in good dreams...